This unit is designed for homes with full basements and has an expandable height from 87.5″-103″. This unit is a generic brand to our UNS-209 with heavier duty capacities. The only differences is the basement coverage of 2100 sq.ft. with a CFM of 240.

The Humidex is an air evacuation system that is installed in the basement. Compact and discrete, the Humidex system is designed to be placed against a wall and blend with the decor.

Search the Dealer Locator to find a trained representatives in your province to install it for you. If there are no dealers in your area, call 1-800-416-9111.

It also will:

  • Improve Air Quality
  • Reduce window condensation
  • Reduces excess humidity and musty odor
  • Replace damp humid air with warm, dry air
  • Operates at a low cost of $2.00/month of electricity (38 watts)
  • Does not require expensive part replacement – 10 year warranty (all parts warranty except outside vent)
  • Does not require excessive ductwork – vented just like a dryer
  • A summertime humidity control system that will also solve wintertime window condensation
  • Avoid costly household repairs due to window frame and sill rot
  • No Buckets to empty

Download the HDS-209 Installation Manual
Download the HDS-209 Owners Manual